Alpha Better Stamp Set


This rubber stamp kit includes a series of geometric shaped stamps, a two-color stamp pad, and a guide explaining how to build a beautiful retro-inspired font. It’s perfect for marking envelopes, labeling gifts, or writing out that ransom letter that you’ve been putting off. Set includes 24 stamps and a dual color inkpad (red and blue). The stamps come with a guide that explains how to make every letter, conveniently using the pangram 'Pack My Box With Five Dozen Liquor Jugs' and comes in a beautiful vintage style box so you can bring it with you anywhere you feel the need to express how you feel.

The Alpha Better  Stamp Set by Brass Monkey is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of nostalgia to their work or personal life. Not to mention, the vintage inspired design adds an aesthetic charm to your otherwise dull and boring workspace or home.