Becoming a Warrior Journal


In collaboration with Alexis Ren & Allie Michelle. Becoming a Warrior Journal is your wake-up call. Intelligent Change distilled four years of life-changing workshops into a journal that doesn’t just sit on your shelf—it actively guides you in your journey to self-discovery. It’s filled with 100+ prompts that push you beyond reflection, inviting you to dissect and understand every layer of your identity. From personal growth to financial savvy, from sparking creativity to fostering health, it’s your toolkit for life. And with its unique larger size, it gives you the space to dive deeper on the page. Complete the prompts at your own pace—daily, weekly, or as inspired. This journal is designed for long-format writing and removes the frustration of not knowing what to write about.

- Undated
- 100+ unique prompts
- 186 pages
- 100% recycled FSC paper
- 100% cotton fabric
- One 100% cotton ribbon
- B5 size