Cordless Filament Lightbulb

A USB rechargeable, battery powered lamp in the shape of a lightbulb! Looks and feels identical to the iconic, filament Edison bulb but doesn’t need to be screwed into a lamp to work…because it IS the lamp. Made with over 100 tiny LED lights that give off a soft, subtle glow to any room, making this the perfect night light for your home. Powered by an internal battery that lasts up to 5 hours (on a 1.5-hour charge) there are no messy cords to worry about with this stand-alone, lightbulb-shaped lamp. Amaze friends and family as you hold an illuminated lightbulb in your hands: no heat – no electric shocks! Glass and metal construction for a quality look and feel. This stunning USB lamp really is one of those lightbulb moments.