Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks - Pack of 5

- Flexible wax formula that doesn't crack or break 
- Each glue gun sealing wax stick creates about 10 wax seals
- Efficient way to create a bulk amount of wax seals

How to Use Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks to Create a Wax Seal:

  1. Gather supplies needed: wax seal stamp, wax glue gun, & wax sticks
  2. Insert wax stick into the wax glue gun 
  3. Allow glue gun to heat wax for approximately 3 minutes
  4. Dispense a nickel size amount of wax on project surface
  5. Press wax seal stamp into hot melted wax, allow wax to cool (approx. 15 seconds)
  6. Remove wax seal stamp to reveal final design