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Make My Day - Undated Desk Calendar


This tear-off desk calendar comes with 6 months worth of days (200 pages), cycling through 1 to 31 over and over again–so just mark the month and day of the week and you can use it any time. Even better, each page gives you a new ‘affirmation’ to help you make it through the day. None of that ‘dream big’ type stuff though–these are pep talks for the real world like ‘Don’t be ashamed of who you are, that’s your parent’s job.’

Features 200 ‘undated’ pages featuring gold metallic ink and fun affirmations for each day like, “Better late than never. But, seriously, you need to leave, you’re really late” and “I won’t compare myself to others–it wouldn’t be fair to them.” The Make My Day Undated Desk Calendar by Brass Monkey is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you're interested in cheeky affirmations or you just want to keep track of important dates to stay organized, this calendar is a great gift for anyone who appreciates vintage style.