Mindful Focus Hourglass - 30 Minutes, Glass Sand Timer


Make time for what's important with the Mindful Focus 30 minute hourglass timer. Minimize distractions, mute your devices, and spend 30 minutes focused on that important task. This hourglass serves as a visual cue for dedicated work intervals, short breaks, or moments of mindfulness. Use it to track your screen-free time, engage in focused study sessions, or incorporate mindful exercise into your routine. With its elegant design and packaging, the Mindful Focus Hourglass makes for a thoughtful and practical gift. The Mindful Focus Hourglass is also helpful for children, offering a tangible way for them to understand the concept of time and foster healthy time management habits from an early age.

- Hourglass length: 30 minutes
- Made of virgin glass
- Sand created from glass beads
- 100% recycled packaging