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You Light Up A Room Cross Stitch Kit


While everyone else is blessing-their-mess, you can stitch out a little dose of reality. This cross-stitch-kit-for-the-rest-of-us by Brass Monkey includes everything you need (besides the patience): an embroidery hoop, needle, Aida cloth, and all the floss you could possibly want. That's what they call the thread…you'll have to provide your own dental care supplies.

• Features a 6" bamboo embroidery hoop, Aida cloth, and a needle.
• Includes 8' of floss (thread) for each color. That is all the floss you'll need to complete the design shown on the front of the box and there might even be a bit left over-friendship bracelets, anyone?
• Comes with a design guide-and tutorial instructions suitable for beginners & experts alike (but the experts will likely judge us).
• Bonus: It all comes in a pretty box...if we do say so ourselves.
• The outer box measures 7.6" square by 1.64" deep-that's 193mm by 42mm if you're fancy.